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SICFIT Austin is the region’s first premier athletic performance facility. The Central Austin garage gym offers a curriculum that combines several of the most proven performance training and muscular recovery methods in North America: Underground Strength™ training, Center for Athletic Performance Elite™ conditioning, CrossFit Football™ power work, Russian Kettlebell™ agility, and Sport Speed™ coaching.  These methods combined with a program improving an athlete’s muscle recovery, neuro-endocrine response, whole nutrition, advanced supplementation, Olympic weight lifting, and body weight gymnastic movements, have been proven to greatly increase athletic performance while decreasing injury potential.

Currently, we offer Olympic Weightlifting Classes & Summer Strength & Conditioning Programs for High School Athletes

SICFIT Austin Coaches:

Michael Gregory

Michael is a Level II CrossFit Instructor and received his USA Olympic Weight lifting certification under renowned Coach Mike Burgener. Michael has 10 yearsof experience in strength and conditioning and high intensity training. He has an extensive ability to work with individuals of all ages in both 1 on 1 and group settings. Whether you are a high school athlete looking to attend a team based strength and conditioning program or a retiree interested in gaining mobility and youthful energy; Michael will motivate you toward your maximum abilities. Michael has a passion for sharing his fitnesss knowledge with individuals ready to commit.

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Zachary Thiel

Zach Thiel is CrossFit Level II Certified, Kettlebell Certified, and Olympic Weightlifting Certified He coaches boot camps and is available for one on one training. Zach has competed in Powerlifting and been active in CrossFit for 2 years. He has experience in large and small group ages including all fitness levels and ages. Be ready to change your body and work hard in Zach’s programs!

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Michael Winchester

Michael Winchester has been involved in elite athletics his entire life, playing collegiate soccer for four years at Stetson University. He is a Level I CrossFit Certified Trainer with extensive experience and knowledge in Soccer and Track & Field. Michael has trained aspiring collegiate footballers for the past six years and knows what it takes to reach the next level of athletic performance. He has an unwavering passion for the continued development (personal, professional and health) of himself and those around him and is available for one-on-one or small group training.

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