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The workout is the warmup…

January 13, 2011

Walt and the snatch-grip deadlift: push your knees back out of the way and lead with the shoulders.

SICFIT 01-13-11

A. Warmup (2 rounds):
-20 x one-arm DB floor press
-20 x DB renegade rows
-10 x strict pullups
-10 x sandbag power cleans
-20 x lunge with sandbag
-20 x air squat

B. Snatch/Clean Work
-5×2 snatch-grip deadlift (hook-grip)
-5×2 deep clean deadlift (on 3″ platform, hook-grip)
-5×2 snatch balance
-5×2 split jerk

Notes: Go HEAVY on the deads. Check in on your midline stabilization. Go light on the SB and work on speed and pushing yourself under the bar. FOOTWORK is crucial here. FOOTWORK is also the primary focus on our SJ today. If you don’t have the FOOTWORK, drop weight.

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