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Leave no doubt.

November 23, 2010

These guys had the right idea… If you haven’t checked in on Robb Wolf’s site in a while, do so now.

One of the most challenging days since we opened. It’s a good thing our athletes show up ready to do work. I have a feeling they might end up like these cats if they don’t recover properly…

Top time today: Crystal McReynolds @ 10:11 Rx!

A. Jog 800m, 3 rounds strict Cindy, inchworm w/scorpion x2, 5 TGU each arm, 1 minute double-unders.

B. Partner work: 3 rounds for time: P1 holds dual kettlebells (24kg/16kg) in front rack while P2 does 20 burpees. P1 and P2 switch upon completion of 20 burpees.

C. *Buy-in: Tabata tire jumps @ 20″.
10 second transition, then (for time):
-50 DB thrusters @ 30#/15#
-40 KB swings @ 24kg/16kg
-30 pull-ups
-20 pushups
-10 man-makers @ 30#/15#

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