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November 19, 2010

We’re not quite there yet, but we’re trying…

Wow! I apologize for not posting yesterday… first time since we started the blog – busy days busy DAYS!

SICFIT 11-18-10

A. Warmup.

B. Max bouble-unders in 2 minutes.

C. 10×2 box squats @ 55% of 1-rep max.

D. 10 KB snatch right AND left, then max pull-ups, then max HSPU, rest 3 minutes. x3.
–> No rest between snatches, pull-ups and HSPU. Record scores as two number (PU and HSPU).

SICFIT 11-19-10

A. Extended Warmup: Row, squats, pushups, rotations, dynamic movements, KB carries, KB SDLHP, KB swings, KB clean and press, jump rope practice: singles, doubles, various footwork drills.

B. NOT FOR TIME: 3 rounds:
-40 sledge hammer strikes (20 each hand)
-15 DB situps 25/15
-10 back ext
-10 single-arm DB thurster 30/20 (5 each hand).

C. Mobility WOD! Shoulders: Internal Rotation from K*Star 89/365. Test, retest. Mobilize.

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