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Confront. Escalate on 24’s. Destroy.

November 11, 2010

Why? Because we can.

Today is a great day, possibly the best. Ever.

SICFIT 11-11-10

A. Warmup. (If you were late, everyone does 100 burpees — INTEGRITY).

B. Tabata mountain-climbers and froggers (alternate between the two, 1 minute rest between sets 4 and 5).

C. Bear Complex @ light weight x3:
-Romanian deadlift, power clean, front squat, push press to back squat, push press from behind the head. Repeat this 7 times without letting go of the bar. This is one set.

-Do 3 sets, increasing in weight each set, but keeping it light. Break each movement down, focus on technique and form. Nail it. Sharp, crisp, clean. Perfect powerful form. Work on all component parts and full ROM.

D. 100 double-unders. 2 minute cap.

E. Quad stretch against wall, pigeon and double pigeon stretch R & L, work on splits, butterfly stretch.

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