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If winning is contagious, our ladies are SIC.

November 8, 2010

Lindsey Smith, Chardonnay Poole and Ingrid Kantola throw up gang signs. Stone-cold killahz.


The above statement was confirmed this weekend as CrossFit Central and SICFIT Austin athletes Lindsey, Chardonnay, Ingrid and Brittany McKenna all traveled to Stafford, TX to compete in Atomic CrossFit’s Hammer & Chisel Event. They dominated the competition with ease, as all four set new lifetime PR’s in the clean and jerk and also came in the top 5 in both WOD’s. All four ladies proved they were proficient in all the movements (even the sledgehammer) but were also provided the opportunity to see what weaknesses persist and what areas they need to improve in. Is it a coincidence that all these women train with each other? I think not.

The best and most important thing about these women is their COACHABILITY. Coachability is the hallmark of a great athlete: one that is not afraid to be wrong, to try new things, to trust in their coach or to let go of ego. Ingrid, Chardonnay and Brittany show up to class ready for anything… literally. They never complain, always listen and ask lots of questions. They are thirsty not only for elite fitness, but for knowledge — and this makes them dangerous women indeed. Look for them to exceed your expectations this Spring.

SICFIT 11-08-10: De-load week.

This week we will be dialing it down a notch to give our bodies a full week to recover. The focus over the next 7 days will be on sleep, nutrition, hydration, and active recovery. Enjoy the down time, next week will be brutal.

***10 minutes trigger point.
A. 3 people run ~300m while one rows. Switch out upon return of runners so that everyone rows once.
B. 3 rounds: 10 squats, 10 pushups, 5 strict pull-ups.
A. —
C. 3 rounds: 10 DB lunges (30/20), 5 ring dips, 10 bent-over DB rows (30/20).
D. Squat hold 10 minutes.
A. —
***10 minutes trigger point.

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