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Competition heats up!

October 26, 2010

The barbell Turkish Get up.

The 0530 and 0630 Garage Gym Rx classes draw closer as body weight movements prove the great equalizer… Yo 1315 — where you at?!

SICFIT 10-26-10

A. Athletes start in prone position, heads facing forward. Coach places unknown weight sandbag (40#, 50#, 55#, 60#, 80#) behind each athlete, at random. On “GO”, 100 ft. sandbag sprint. Drop sandbag at the 100 ft. mark, turn and sprint back without sanbag. Upon crossing finish, 5 burpees AFAP.

B. 50 ft. forward sprint, 50 ft. backward sprint. Upon crossing the line, 10 burpees AFAP.

C. 3 rounds for time: 3 man-makers (45#/35#), 6 shoulder to shoulder pullups (shoulder touches bar on each rep), 9 toes 2 bar.

D. Post-SICFIT Torchy’s Tacos (keep it clean!).

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  1. Chardonnay Poole permalink
    October 26, 2010 10:28 pm

    oooooh….I smell sicfit austin class competitions coming up!! 530&630 vs. 1315!

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