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Treat the Symptoms? We do.

October 20, 2010


What springs to mind when you hear these words? Probably images of Obama giving eloquent speeches about plans to combat the growing crisis, or Doctors prescribing medications to people who are better off listening to a nutritionist before investing gobs of money on pills that will only mask their symptoms.

There is mounting concern (increasing exponentially as the decades pass) that the average American by the year 2020 will have gained 20 pounds.

According to Dr. Mehmet Oz, the average American woman weighed 140 lbs. in 1940. Today, she weighs 160 lbs.

In 2020, this figure is supposed to increase by another 20 lbs.

If this doesn’t concern you, you probably aren’t reading this post right now. For the rest of us, this can only mean one thing: more health care devoted to treating obesity, diabetes, dangerous heart conditions and increased cancer rates.

Read this article from Michael Pollan and decide for yourself if paying more for healthcare is a) worth it, and b) effective.

Post thoughts and concerns to comments. And may the Divine help us…


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