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6:30 AM Puts In The Work

August 27, 2010

Ingrid, Mark, Aaron, Chardonnay, Firas.

Lots of reps, not a lot of rest…

The 0630 class of SICFIT Austin Garage Gym Rx class shows up every morning with one thing on their mind: temporary pain = everlasting redemption. These men and women are some of the most dedicated I have met. They come from diverse fitness and sports backgrounds, but they come together and push each other to their limits for one singular purpose: self-improvement through sacrifice.

Today’s SICFIT went a little something like this:

50 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest at the following stations: 1) Sledge hammer strikes (10R/10L), 2) Sandbag shouldering (alternate shoulders, 60# men/45# women), 3) Sled pull down, Sled drag back @ 90#, 4) Dual kettlebell cleans (1.5 pood men/1 pood women), 5) 45# Overhead squats, 6) Burpees. Rest 4 minutes, then repeat.

3 minutes rest followed by… ** Bonus round! Tabata dumbell push press (25# men/15# women) – rest in the front rack position.

Don’t be surprised when you see this group show up at next year’s CrossFit Sectionals, Regionals and Games(?) ready to crush their competitors who haven’t put in the time or the effort. They will be ready, will you?

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