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August 21, 2010

Michael Winchester of SICFIT Austin.

What do you take ownership of? What is your level of commitment?

Questions to ask yourself today: take some time to yourself and sit in a quiet place. Reflect on your life and your current situation. Ask yourself what is your purpose in life. The answer to these questions will only come with time and a long, hard look in the mirror. Do it and you will find yourself a more empowered individual. Do it not, and you will continue to live a powerless life of quiet despair, or at best a life of mediocrity. Watch this video and then ask yourself these crucial questions.

-Do you live in a world where nothing is your fault; where you are a victim of other’s actions or inaction?

-Are you living a life of someone else’s design?

-Do you continue to educate yourself?

-Are you loyal to your friends and family?

-What do you stand for?

-If you died tomorrow, would you have a lived a meaningful life?

-Are you at peace with your mother and father?

-Are you an example to others?

-Do you give your all?

-Are you 99% committed to the things and people around you?

Take ownership. Commit.

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