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Grand Opening

August 10, 2010

The new crew of SICFIT Austin!

What a Saturday: Over 150 people came out to help us open our newest elite training facility! SICFIT Austin would like to thank everyone who came out for an amazing day full of community, fun, and of course, friendly competition. With the temperature breaking 100, we only had ice cold beer to cool us down – but that didn’t stop us from having one hell of a time!

The food, cooked by our very own Zach Thiel was amazing — chicken, sausage and steak (paleo fare anyone?). In between stories and food, there were, of course, competitions to fuel the fiesta: #1: Rock-filled keg ground to overhead AMRAP in 1 minute, #2: tire flip, jump in and out for AMRAP in 1 minute. Jeremy Thiel and Kris Kepler ended this competition in a tie, and in true SICFIT Austin style, there as a tie-breaker (and the truest test of manhood): dead-hang from the pullup bars, first man to come off loses… with a 30# sandbag held between the legs. Kris held off Jeremy to prove victorious, but the rivalry was soon extinguished with a couple of cold beers and hearty laughs.

Once again, thanks to all who came out to celebrate – know that this is only the beginning!

If you are interested in joining SICFIT Austin, please e-mail us at: We offer Olympic Weightlifting/Strength & Conditioning, Garage Gym Rx and High School Strength & Conditioning courses. You must have 6-12 months of serious training under your belt and be proficient in all kettlebell, barbell and bodyweight movements. Check out our schedule of classes here:

And check out all the pics from the SICFIT Austin Grand Opening here:

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