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Lindsey Smith & lululemon athletica at SICFIT Austin

August 2, 2010

12th fittest woman in the world Lindsey Smith. 08.01.10

lululemon athletica ATX ambassador Lindsey Smith came to SICFIT Austin this past Sunday for her photoshoot with world renowned photographer Liz Kreutz. Lindsey was an ambassador for the lululemon Highland Village location in Houston before she, husband Webster Smith and daughter Alexis made the move to Austin.

Lindsey is now lululemon Austin’s ambassador and a school teacher here in Austin, but she is better known in the CrossFit world as one of the fittest athletes on earth! She placed 5th at last year’s International CrossFit Games, and 12th at this year’s games.

Thanks for choosing SICFIT Austin Lindsey!

***And don’t forget: SICFIT Austin will be celebrating its grand opening this Saturday, August 7th at 2PM! Bring your own drinks, your favorite cut of lean paleo meat and your party hat! Join us for fun in the sun with the new SICFIT Austin community!***

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