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January 19, 2011

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January 17, 2011

Whitney and the Bear tango with weight.

RBG 01-17-11

A. Warmup (thanks Coach Holley):
-10 dual KB deadlift (24kg/16kg)
-10 dual KB clean & press (24kg/16kg)
-10 strict pullups
-10 ring pushups
-10 good mornings (45# barbell)
-Butcher Push down and back (270/230)

B. The Bear: 5 rounds for max weight:

*7 sets of the following:
-Power Clean
-Front Squat
-Push Press
-Back Squat
-Push Press

*Explanation: You may break up the movements as much or as little as you like. Ex: Clean to thruster to back squat to back thruster. OR you may execute as described above. The only rules are: You may not drop the bar during a round (not even to re-grip) and the bar may not rest on the ground. You may rest anywhere else (front rack, back rack, bar in hip crease). Go heavy or go home.

Video explanation

One week closer to…

January 14, 2011

GGRX 01-14-11

A. Warmup: Ladder 1-5-1:
-KB clean & press R
-KB clean & press L
-Goblet squat
(Perform one of each, then 2 of each, then 3 of each, working up to 5 of each, then back down the ladder finishing with one of each movement).

B. Barbell Rollouts 3×10 @ 95#

C. Tabata:
-Split Squat (alternate leg each round)
-Handstand Hold
-Dumbbell Cluster (clean+thruster – 1 DB only 35#/25# – switch hands every round)

D. Extra Credit: Plank Varaiations: Hands, Elbows, Knees to elbows, side, etc. 3 minutes.

The workout is the warmup…

January 13, 2011

Walt and the snatch-grip deadlift: push your knees back out of the way and lead with the shoulders.

SICFIT 01-13-11

A. Warmup (2 rounds):
-20 x one-arm DB floor press
-20 x DB renegade rows
-10 x strict pullups
-10 x sandbag power cleans
-20 x lunge with sandbag
-20 x air squat

B. Snatch/Clean Work
-5×2 snatch-grip deadlift (hook-grip)
-5×2 deep clean deadlift (on 3″ platform, hook-grip)
-5×2 snatch balance
-5×2 split jerk

Notes: Go HEAVY on the deads. Check in on your midline stabilization. Go light on the SB and work on speed and pushing yourself under the bar. FOOTWORK is crucial here. FOOTWORK is also the primary focus on our SJ today. If you don’t have the FOOTWORK, drop weight.

OlyAthlete Seminar, 1-30-11

January 11, 2011

OlyAthlete is proud to host a 1 day seminar in Austin, TX in conjunction with CrossFit Central.  The seminar will be led by Chad Vaughn (2-time Olympian, 6-time National Champion, and the American Record Holder in the Clean and Jerk) and Ursula Garza (Senior International Coaches and former national record holder in the Clean and Jerk).

The seminar is open to anyone who wants to improve their Olympic Lifts and/or coaching.  We offer significant platform time, and the unique opportunity to be observed and coached while performing actual lifts.  Space is limited to 30 participants, with at least 1 coach to every 6 participants. Reserve your spot today!

Host Facility

CrossFit Central
6205-A Burnet Rd.
Austin, TX 78757
Map and Directions


  • 8:30 AM- 5:30 PM (w/ 1 hour lunch)
  • Biomechanical Analysis of the lifts
  • Progressions for the Snatch
  • Progressions for the Clean
  • Progressions for the Jerk
  • Supplemental exercises for the lifts
  • Personal platform time with training weights


$300/ person

***If you live in Austin and the surrounding areas, you need to sign up for this — it is an amazing opportunity to work with some of the best in the world. You would be a fool not to.***

SICFIT 01-11-11

A. Warmup / Roll-out / Mobility (shoulders)

B. Warmup continued: 15 Man-Makers unbroken @ light weight

C. 3 rounds for time:
-15 hang power clean @ 135/95
-15 burpees

D. 3 rounds for time:
-10 HSPU
-50 double-unders

90 squats, or: Where are my legs?

January 10, 2011

New toy courtesy of Rob Orlando! Photographs (well-done!) courtesy of Coach Gregory.

SICFIT 01-10-11

Warmup: Easy jog and kettlebell work for about 10 minutes.

A1. Overhead squat 3×5
A2. 15 pushups as fast as possible
B1. Front squat 3×5
B2. 15 pullups unbroken
C1. Back squat 3×5
C2. 15 squat jumps as fast as possible

*Method: Move from OH squat to pushups with NO REST in between. Rest 3 minutes between sets. Same for B1-B2 and C1-C2.

*For each set of squats, INCREASE weight on the bar. Example sets might look like this: OHS 135×5, OHS 155×5, OHS 185×5, FS 225×5, FS 255×5, FS 285×5, BS 325×5, BS 355×5, BS 375×5.

Questions? Comments? Feedback? E-mail us and let us know!

Five-Test Friday

January 7, 2011

Whitney, Mark, Ingrid, Chardonnay, Brittany and Firas catch up on their homework. Why? Coach said so.

SICFIT 01-07-11

A. Warm up on your own: 15 minutes.

B. You have 5 minutes to complete each of the following tests. Rest exactly 3 minutes between each test.

-50 burpees.
-100 KB snatch (24 kg/16kg)
-150 wall balls (20#/14# – 10 ft. target)
-200 double unders

C. Tabata team run: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds. Take a 20# and 14# medicine ball with you on the runs. The med balls must stay off the ground for the duration of the Tabata cycle.

And this is what we saw leaving the gym. A perfect start to Friday: